This engagement session is what solidifies our relationship and enables us to really connect on your wedding day. We can get to know each other; you, me and my camera. The ultimate goal of this session is for you to feel more relaxed and at ease when the wedding day comes. "Yeah, but we are not photogenic" It's okay, I also often feel that way.

I promise you, after the first few minutes you will be able to relax and enjoy yourselves.




1. Trust me

Be honest with me and allow yourselves to be vulnerable. Let me in, it's the only way for me to be able to see who you really are. Laugh and have fun. I will be there to guide you along the way, but your willingness to trust me and the process means more authentic photos.


2. Be your true selves

It might make a lot of sense, but it's not that easy in practice. Our brains play tricks on us. How do you act when you are out in public? Let's not do that! I want to see you as your true selves, when you are home alone together. Are you an extrovert and bouncing off the walls? Or are you more of an introvert and find your happiness in quiet moments? Don't do what you think you should be doing, but rather what comes naturally. I promise it will be perfect and "you".


3. Forget the camera

We are not doing this for me so that I can renew my portfolio. I am there for you and to document this exciting time in your lives. There are no right or wrong answers, we'll do what feels like "you". We'll do "you". Do you have a past studio experience that was posed, awkward and cold? It won't be the case with me. I promise, we will enjoy ourselves, have fun and in the end you will forget the camera is even there.


4. Bring the kids

If you have kids I would be happy to meet them. They are part of your story. It also gives you the opportunity to get great family photos in a more relaxed setting. On wedding days kids can be pretty unpredictable and they usually get tired quickly. Ideally, we will want to do about half of the session with them and half with just the two of you. It is the perfect time to use your "bestman/maid of honor" or "godfather/godmother" card so that someone can bring the kids somewhere else for the remainder of the session. You will be more relaxed and at ease that way.  





You are responsible for contacting me to reserve a date/time in my calendar. I cannot guarantee availability during the months of july/august considering the workload and attention the wedding season requires. I would not want you to miss out on this opportunity. You are better off contacting me early than too late (even if it is still snowing). Engagement sessions last about 30-45 minutes and take place on weeknights before or during the months of may/june. As we get closer to sunset, the light gets warmer and softer and we can play with it a lot. If you are early risers we can also do it in the morning or if you have time on weekdays that can also be arranged.


6. Make sure you take the time

You won't be at your best if you do your grocery shopping right before your engagement session. Take a few moments to relax, grab a bite and/or a glass for wine. When our scheduled meeting time comes, you won't be exhausted and cranky.




7. Pick a place you know and like

Make the experience more personalized by choosing a pace that reflects who you are and your interests. This seems like a hard task? Not at all, just think about what you like to do together. Think about things that inspire you in life. Consider visiting places that have meaning to you (where you met, your first date, a favorite neighborhood).


8. Explore new areas

We can also take a completely different approach and pick a place you have never visited or do an activity you have never tried. The possibilities are almost endless! You could be very surprised to see the potential of a less obvious choice and or a spot that takes you out of your comfort zone.


9. A few ideas

The energy of a marketplace?
The minimalism of a parking lot.
The exuberance of a colorful neighborhood?
The simplicity of a morning spent gardening?
The calm of an afternoon at the beach?
The comfort of your own house?
The meaningfulness of the spot where you first met?





In the days following the engagement session, a little preview will be sent to you by email or put online on my Facebook page (if you are not already a FAN, you can head over HERE). The rest of the photos will be delivered in an online gallery about 3-4 weeks later. You will then be able to see and download all the photos presented in the gallery, approximately 50.